), सहायक निदेशक (वित्त), चिकित्सक वर्ग, नर्सिंग स्टाफ, पैरा मेडिकल स्टाफ, लिपिकवर्गीय कर्मचारी व अन्य अस्पताल कर्मचारियों ने चण्डीगढ़ फायर ब्रिगेड द्वारा दिए गये प्रदर्शन (demonstration) में भाग लिया । इसमें फायर ब्रिगेड कर्मियों द्वारा आग के प्रकार, आग लगने के कारण, आग से बचाव और आग बुझाने हेतु अग्नि शामक यंत्रों (fire extinguishers) का व्यावहारिक प्रयोग किया गया, "World Health Day" celebrated on 07 April 2018 at ESIC Hospital Manesar, Coloring and drawing competition and talk on cleanliness in pediatric OPD during ESIC fortnight celebrations, Health talk on anemia in Gynae OPD during Esic fortnight celebration, Health awareness talk on TB in chest OPD during ESIC fortnight celebration, Plantation of flowering plants During Esic fortnight in Esic Model Hospital Noida, International Women's Day celebration at Esi Model Hospital Noida, Esic Fortnight inauguration- 2018 ESIC Model Hospital Sec 24 Noida, World Kidney Day celebration at ESIC Model Hospital Noida, Celebrating World Oral Day at ESIC Hospital Manesar, ARTHRITIS AWARENESS CLASS CONDUCTED BY DR.VYSAKH MBBS MS ORTHO. are provided to promote small family norms. In "Subordinate Department/Office" select the Regional Office. World Diabetic Day 2017 Celebrations Was Celebrated By Dept.of Diabetology ESIC Hospital and Medical College(PGIMSR) kk Nagar on Nov.14 2017, क.रा.बी.नि. रा. ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar,indore-Successful Laparoscopic surgery done in obstretrics and gynic department by Dr. Poonam Raikwar specialist and team. Dental and Eye screening camp: मॉडल अस्पताल, राम दरबार चंडीगढ़ में आयोजित किया गया। इस अवसर पर अस्पताल के चिकित्सकीय/गैर चिकित्सकीय कर्मियों के साथ- साथ जन साधारण ने भी भाग लिया व स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों के द्वारा दी गई कुर्बानी, आज़ादी के लिए संघर्ष , शहीदों के प्रति श्रद्वा-सम्मान की भावना को जागरुक करते हुए भाई चारे का संदेश दिया गया।, ई. OFFSITE CAMP CONDUCTED BY ESIC HOSPITAL PEENYA. बी. OF PLEDGE (01/05/2018), Swach Pakhwada at Rohini Hospital Sector 15. The III 3rd International Yoga Day Was Celebrated in ESIC Hospital kk Nagar on June 21st 2017. The lecture on the importance of early childhood development was discussed with emphasis to facilitate brain and cognitive power development.Medical Superintendent Dr.(Smt.) This patient had lost both her children in an accident,tuboplasty was done and she conceived within 6 months of the surgery. Then simply drop-off or collect your shipment. ई. ESIC FORTNIGHT PROGRAM. Someone so special can never be forgotten.He will live on in our memories forever. Drawing Competition held for children on the topic “General Cleanliness” at ESIC Hospital, Okhla, on 08.05.2019 as part of Swachhta Pakhwada. Various sports activities by the Recreation club at ESIC Hospital Manesar, Plantation drive at ESIC Hospital Manesar. Hospital Blood Bank team headed by Dr. A.Yadav and Dr. Joshi.Around 40 units of blood was collected by voluntary donors with full enthusiasm making the camp a great success. Hareshwar Meetei was such a great person and was loved by all of us. Bio-Medical Waste Management Report_June-2020, Bio-Medical Waste Management Report_May-2020, Bio-Medical Waste Management Report_April-2020, Bio-Medical Waste Management Report_March-2020, Infection Prevention and control (IPC measures)-COVID-19 Dr Niraj Kumar, Assessment of the Success Rates of Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy Intervention for Grade III and IV Hemorrhoids among Adult Patients of North India: An Observational Hospital-based Study, DNB Accredition:The hospital has been accredited for 2 seats in General Medicine for Diplomate National Board (DNB) by the National Board Of Examinations in May 2020.The accreditation for the specialities of Obs &Gynae and Anaesthesia is under process, Publication of Ruptured cornual ectopic pregnancy: a case report by Dr Arti Sharma*, Dr Dipika Singh, Dr Sarika Verma in International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Publication of Case Report on Successful reduction of acute puerperal uterine inversion with use of Bakri postpartum balloon by Dr Divya Saha*, Dr Dipika Singh, Dr Sarika Verma. These facilities are open to all citizens. E.S.I. श्रीमती संगीता माथुर के कुशल नेतृत्व व मार्गदर्शन में एचआईवी/एड्स के विषय पर नुक्कड़ नाटक का मंचन डॉ. ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar, Indore- An Intractive and informative programme on HIV/AIDS by Dr. Arvind motagi,pathologist on 09/03/17. Department - Obs & Gyne , ESIC Model Hospital, Baddi (H.P). १२. World Breast-Feeding Week from 1st August to 7th August 2017 at ESI Hospital, Okhla, World Hepatitis Day celebrated by ESI Hospital, Okhla on 28/07/2017, Health talk on breast feeding by Dr. Baljeet Dahiya, Specialist in this hospital on dated 02 August 2017, CME held on 02 August 2017 in ESIC Hospital Manesar, World ORS Day Celebrations on 29/7/2017 in E.S.I.C. Day 2 of ESIC Fortnight at ESIC Hsopital, OKhla - 27.02.2017 - Camp for Anemia Detection in Pregnant women, Day 2 of ESIC Fortnight at ESIC Hsopital, OKhla - 27.02.2017 - Public lecture on Care of Eyes and Common Ailments, Day 1 of ESIC Fortnight at ESIC Hsopital, OKhla - 25.02.2017 - Public lecture on Contraception. अस्पताल मानेसर में दिनांक ०५.०९.२०१७ को डॉ. ESIC has a specialized international relations department that works in collaboration with other educational entities specialized in validation and recognition of academic programs as well as student exchange procedures. Statistical Data of Radiology Department ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre Nandanagar, Indore. Fully-equipped 24*7 Blood bank with blood components. Republic Day celebration at ESIC Hospital Manesar, Bio-Medical Waste Management :Monthly Report of December-2019, Bio-Medical Waste Management :Monthly Report of November-2019, Bio-Medical Waste Management :Monthly Report of October-2019, World Diabetic Day 2019 Celebrations Was Celebrated By Dept.of Diabetology ESIC Hospital and Medical College(PGIMSR) kk Nagar on Nov.14 2019, 3 Days NABH(National Accresitation Boards for Hospital and Healthcare providers) training from 14th to 16th November 2019. Hospital Development Committee meeting held on 07-10-2016 in ESIC MODEL HOSPITAL Cum ODC ANDHERI-(E), MUMBAI-400 093, National Ayurveda day photographs Celebrated on 28th October 2016 in ESIC MODEL HOSPITAL Cum ODC ANDHERI-(E), MUMBAI-400 093. MODEL HOSPITAL CHANDIGARH REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS 2017. ESIC is taking special care to keep its hospitals neat and Clean. Celebrating 2nd National Ayurveda Day and Dhanvantri Diwas in ESIC Hospital Manesar... “National Unity Day” Celebration in ESIC Hospital Jhilmil Delhi, National Unity Day Celebration at ESIC,Noida, ई.एस.आई.सी. Sh. An interactive health talk show was organized for exchanging ideas related to various aspects of weakness of bones, its prevention, treatment and complications. दीपिका गोविल के नेतृत्व में इस स्वच्छता फेरी में भाग लिया। चिकित्सा अधीक्षक द्वारा इस अवसर पर कपड़े के थैलों का भी वितरण किया गया।, Post OP Recovery Room - ESIS Kandivali Hospital, HDU at ESI Kandivali has become Operative, Director General Sh. अस्पताल मानेसर में एमिटी यूनिवर्सिटी के छात्र और छात्राओं द्वारा परिवार नियोजन पर जागरूकता कार्यक्रम का आयोजन दिनांक ०१ सितम्बर २०१७ को किया गया. About ESIC Welcome to the web site of Egyptian Society of Infection Control (ESIC).ESIC is a body representing specialist practitioners in infection control.. M0DEL HOSPITAL CHANDIGARH, FEB 24, 2020 E.S.I.C.FOUNDATION DAY AND FORTNIGHT CELEBRATIONS INAUGURATION AT E.S.I.C. A Health Talk on "Management of Pneumonia" is going to be given by Dr. Sapna Saluja, Specialist (Paediatrics). In this week various activities like diabetes screening with HBA1C Camp, biomedical waste management, Blood donation awareness by Dr. Shilpa Motghare and quiz competition prize distribution was done by Dr. Shruti Harle and Dr. Sonal Dhalwani. बी. BLOOD DONATION CAMP ORGANISED ON 24-02-2020 AT E.S.I.C. संगीता माथुर के मार्गदर्शन में किया गया। जाँच में एक तिहाई से अधिक मरीजों में गठिया बाय की, उच्च रक्तचाप की बढ़ती व्यापकता पाई गई। ऐसा आयुर्वेदिक विशेषज्ञ डॉ. ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar, Indore- An Interactive talk by Dr. Ruchi Singh on awareness on Ayurvedic Medication on 03/03/17. E.S.I. अस्पताल मानेसर में हिंदी टिप्पण एवं आलेखन प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन दिनांक ०७.०९.२०१७ को किया गया, क.रा.बी.नि. Day 6 of ESIC Fortnight Celebration at ESIC Model Hospital, Gurugram - 06/03/2018, Health Education Talk on Management of Fracture/ Injury by Dr. Kulgaurav (Orthopedics Department). "Medical Health Check-Up Camp" organized by Hospital Staff at Sigma Moulds & Stamps Pvt. Yogesh for being part of Ministry of Labour & Employment Kabaddi team that grabbed Silver medal in the Inter Ministry Tournament held on 09.12.2012, गृह पत्रिका "आरोहण" विमोचन समारोह दिनांक 14.12.2016. MODEL HOSPITAL, RAM DARBAR, CHANDIGARH ON NOV.16,2019. Besides live demo of CPR, audio visual interactive program benefitted aprox 50 delegates heading the Reliance outlets in Tricity. World Hypertension Day celebrated on 17/5/17 at ESIC Model Hospital, NOIDA:: Health talk was delivered to raise awareness regarding prevention and management of Hypertension. PLOT NO. Dispensary, Chittivalasa Esic Regional Office, Mumbai, Maharashtra. COMMUNITY LECTURE BY AYURVEDA DOCTOR Encouragement, Demonstration & Distribution of paper bags, cloth bags. Insured Persons may contact on Land line numbers 0484-2545194 and 0484-2545114 between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Disaster management workshop was organised for hospital staff (Medical, Paramedical, Non-medical NATIONAL AYURVEDA DAY CELEBRATED AT ESIC MODEL HOSPITAL, ROURKELA, ODISHA. Booking of appointments for all OPDS over telephone has commenced at ESIC Hospital Udyogamandal ,in addition to exiting online booking. MODEL HOSPITAL, RAM DARBAR, CHANDIGARH. MODEL HOSPITAL,CHANDIGARH ON FEB. 18,2019, FEB. 16,2019 Public Lecture on “No Plastic”. office on 07/01/2017.In this meeting Dr.Sonal Dhalwani, specialist Paediatrics and member of internal complaints committee, ESIC Model Hospital Indore has conducted a talk on sexual Harassment of women Act 2013 (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal). Model Hospital,Industrial Area Phase-II, Ram Darbar,Chandigarh organized First Aid training session and health check in the premises of Reliance Digital & Retail Ltd. at Elante Mall,Industrial Area Phase-I Chandigarh guided by Medical Superintendent Dr.(Mrs.) Sangeeta Mathur. HEALTH SCREENING AT LALLY MOTORS, VOLKSWAGEN CHANDIGARH, INDUSTRIAL AREA PHASE 1 CHANDIGARH ON FEB. 26, 2020. निगम के देशभर के सभी कार्यालयों / अस्पतालों / औषधालयों / चिकित्सा संस्थानों में किया गया | ).Post operation results are extremely satisfactory. An Early Stage Innovation Company is more attractive to investors since it has high growth potential and there are tax incentives for investment.In order for a company to qualify as an ESIC it must have high growth potential, be able to scale, address a broader than local market, and have competitive advantages. 13 likes. FIRE SAFETY TRAINING ON 18.04.2017 OF ESICH KK NAGAR & PGIMSR BY MR.BALASUBRAMANIAN DFO(DIVISIONAL FIRE OFFICIER). office were present during this occasion. This hospital is equipped with state of art machinery for the diagnosis and surgical management of Glaucoma ,Cataract, Right sided Hemiglossectomy performed by ENT department , ESIC Hospital, NOIDA, WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATION WITH PLANTING NEW FLORAS IN HOSPITAL COMPOUND, Inauguration of "YOG KARYASHALA" on Labour day at ESIC Model Hospital, Sector-24, Noida, Glimpse of ESIC Fortnight Celebration at ESIC Model Hospital, Sector-24, Noida, World Liver Day Celebrated at ESIC Model Hospital, Sector-24, Noida on 19-04-2017. सी. आपको CPGRAM वेबसाइट पर निर्देशित किया जा रहा है। यदि आप पहले से पंजीकृत नहीं हैं, तो आपको CPGRAM पर पंजीकरण के लिए कहा जाएगा। पंजीकृत उपयोगकर्ता सीधे अपने CPGRAM यूजर आईडी और पासवर्ड का उपयोग करके लॉगिन कर सकते हैं।, ESIC Hospitals / Model Hospitals (Run by ESI Corporation), E-tender for Construction of Rain Water Harvesting Pit at ESIC hqrs. ESI-PGIMSR & ESIC Medical College & ESIC Hospital Joka Dhanwantri Diwas as National Ayurveda day was celebrated in ESICMH Chandigarh on date 25-10-2019 at 10.30 AM to 1.00 PM . ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar, Indore- An Intractive talk on family planning by Dr. Poonam Railkwar and Dr. Sanjay Mathuria on 02/03/17. O.R.S. Health talk by Dr Baljit Dahiya on immunization. 2016 at ESIC Model Hospital, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 093. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Esic staff's volunteering the Cleaning process of the hospital premises on 08.10.2016. हिंदी पखवाड़ा - उत्साहवर्धन करते हुए - Mumbai, SRO Marol Camp. DIABETIC DIET : AWARENESS CLASS CONDUCTED BY MRS. SOUMYA.S.NAIR (DIETICIAN). Co-Ordinated by Dr.Harnath Verma,IMO-I Kathwada Ahmedabad on 24th January 2017 between 09:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M.". "Subordinate Department/Office" में क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय का चयन करें, 2. Continuous medical education and training of medical and para-medical personnel. अस्पताल औद्योगिक क्षेत्र –II, राम दरबार चंडीगढ़ द्वारा होटल होमटेल, औद्योगिक क्षेत्र –I चंडीगढ़ में प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी द्वारा आवाहित राष्ट्रीय एकता दिवस के अवसर पर स्वास्थ्य जांच शिविर का आयोजन चिकित्सा अधीक्षक डॉ.श्रीमति संगीता माथुर के मार्गदर्शन में किया गया । गठिया, कमर दर्द, रक्त चाप बढ़ना, मोटापा, आर्थेराटिस आदि के ज्यादा पेशंट स्क्रीनिंग में पाए गए ऐसा डॉ. Opening Ceremony of ESIC celebrating 65th anniversary Fortnight from 24th February to 10th March 2017 in ESIC Model Hospital, Baddi. AWARENESS VIDEO PRESENTATION ABOUT ANTI DRUG ADDICTION MISSION. The Third International Yoga Day celebrations at E.S.I.C. Health Talk conducted on "Diabetes" by Dr. Anand Kumar, Specialist (Medicine). आदर्श अस्पताल, राम दरबार औद्यौगिक क्षेत्र, फेज-2 चण्डीगढ़ में माननीय प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी व पेयजल और स्वच्छता मंत्रालय के दिशा निर्देश में ‘स्वच्छता ही सेवा’ के जागरूकता अभियान के अंतर्गत श्रमदान का शुभारम्भ माननीय चिकित्सा अधीक्षक डॉ (श्रीमती) संगीता माथुर के नेतृत्व में दिनांक 30 सितंबर 2017 को किया गया । सभी डॉक्टरों, पैरामेडिकल स्टाफ/कार्यालय अधिकारियों द्वारा अस्पताल परिसर की सफाई, श्रमदान के माध्यम से इस देशव्यापी अभियान को सफल बनाने के लिए लोगों को प्रेरित व सक्रिय किया और “स्वच्छता का स्वास्थ्य के महत्व” पर जन गोष्ठी की की गई।, Inauguration of a New Super Specialty Treatment Referral Room of Indira Gandhi ESIC Hopsital, Jhilmil, Cleanliness campaign "Swachhta hi seva" at ESIC Model Hospital Sec-24,Noida, HEALTH EDUCATION BY DR. ANAND KUMAR ON WORLD ALZHEIMER DAY IN ESIC HOSPITAL MANESAR, "YOG" CLASSES STARTED IN ESIC HOSPITAL MANESAR FROM 19 SEP. 2017, विश्वकर्मा दिवस के अवसर पर दिनांक 18.09.2017 को अस्पताल प्रबंधन व अन्य अनुबंधित कर्मचारियों के सहयोग से भंडारे का आयोजन, क. सी. Based on theme of National Dietetics Day `Anemia Mukt Bharat`,message on Iron Deficiency Anemia was given by Dietician Mrs. Neeti with foreword by Medical Superintendent Dr.(Smt. Gr-I) & HOD Department of Surgery. Region-wise no. Patients were told about the common diseases of teeth gums and various steps that should be taken for their prevention.They were also told about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene, कर्मचारी राज्य बीमा निगम अस्पताल , ओखला में दिनांक 26.01.2019 को गणतंत्र दिवस मनाया गया "Republic Day Celebration at ESIC Hospital, Okhla on 26.01.2019", कर्मचारी राज्य बीमा निगम अस्पताल आई. ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre,Nandanagar,Indore-As per the directives of regional Director, Regional office Indore, M.P. There is good response among the IPs,who can now access Homeopathic Medicines easily. CONDUCTED BY DOMICILIARY VISIT TEAM LED BY SPECIALISTS IN NEUROLOGY. Bone Mineral Density check up done by the department of Orthopedic. मॉडल अस्पताल राम दरबार औद्योगिक क्षेत्र 2 चंडीगढ़ में विशेष सेवा पखवाड़े के दौरान 7 मार्च 2018 को मेडिकल सुपरिटेंडेंट डॉक्टर श्रीमती संगीता माथुर की अध्यक्षता में डॉक्टर ममता गौर मुख्य चिकित्सा अधिकारी द्वारा पैरामेडिकल स्टाफ के लिए रोगी सुरक्षा के विभिन्न मुद्दों और आम त्रुटियों पर प्रोग्राम आयोजित किया। रोगी को शिफ्ट करते समय सावधानियां, ऑपरेशन वाले रोगियों की सही अंश पहचान ,हाथ स्वच्छता ,कम से कम त्रुटियों और रोगी देखभाल में सुधार पर जानकारी दी।, विशेष सेवा पखवाड़े के दौरान ई.एस.आई.सी. ESIC Model Hospital and Occupational Disease Centre Nandanagar,Indore. Spanish time. Abhimanyu. Bobbili, Vizianagaram District. Ltd, Manesar. Oath taken on the occasion of The Constitutional Day. Medical Supdt. कर्मचारी राज्य बीमा निगम अस्पताल, ओखला में दिनांक 05.11.2018 को राष्ट्रीय आयुर्वेद दिवस मनाया गया office, New Delhi, Corrigendum regarding Cancellation of Tender for Empanelment Local Chemist Tender (Tender ID 2020_ESIC_591253_1), Corrigendum in respect of Seniority List of Assistant for the year 2014-15, Corrigendum regarding Result of walk-in interview held on 05-01-2021 and 06-01-2021 for the post of 3 year senior resident, full time specialist, part time super specialist and homoeopathy physician, Walk-In-Interview for requirement of Senior Residents for 39 days/extendable for another 39 days in various department, E.S.I. - ESIC Directory. (07/05/2018), SEMINAR AND WORKSHOPS ON HYGIENE/SANITATION . ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar, Indore- General Awareness programme for health benefits by Dr. Sarita Shankhla Homeopathy Department on 06/03/17. This meeting was headed by Mr.Irfan Khan, Regional Director, Indore and all Deputy Directors of R.O. Huge cervical fibroid removed by Dr.Shubhra Mukherjee and team in the department of OBS and Gynec,Indore.It was a classic Lantern at St. Paul Cathedral apperance.ESIC Model Hospital & Occupational Disease Centre Nandanagar,Indore. ESIC Registration About Us - We are providing Private consulting services for 1. क.रा.बी.नि. Dispensary, Pedagantyada Awareness Programme at P OPD on 30/07/2016 at ESIC MODEL Hospital,Nandanagar,indore. "World Breastfeeding Week" Started in ESIC Hospital Okhla, 01.08.2018 to 07.08.2018. This pre-assessment will help you determine if you are likely to qualify as an Eligible Early Stage Innovation Company, i.e. Sukheja HOD,Anaesthesia department on 06/03/17. To. Ltd. Manesar. Day 1 of ESIC fortnight celebration at ESIC Model Hospital, Gurugram - 26/02/2018, Health Education talk on Post Exposure Prophylaxis - HIV by Dr. Anil Kumar. World Homoeopathic Day celebrated at ESIC Model Hospital, Sector-24, Noida on 13-04-2017. R. Gunasekaran and Medical Superintendent Dr. (Mrs.) Mathur reiterated that the addition of the facility shall be a step forward in making the Hospital Self Sufficient. and Dr.Heena Bhandari made a presentation titled: Duane's retraction syndrome: Case series...At 40th M.P. २०१८ से ३१. Hospital Development Committee meeting held on 03.06.2019 at ESIC Hospital Manesar. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan-plantation of tree saplings in hospital premises on 06.10.2016. ESIC Super Speciality Hospital, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad - BMW training programme 2016 Guidelines conducted on 5th,7th, 8th for nurses, nursing orderlies, lab technicians and housekeeping staff of ESIC SSH, Nephroplus and Sheel Cardiac Center. TALK ON VARIOUS COMMON ERRORS AND ISSUES IN PATIENT SAFETY- BY Dr. MAMTA GAUR, CHILDHOOD OBESITY - AN AUDIO VISUAL PROGRAM BY DEPT OF PAEDIATRICS ON FEB. 25, 2019, INVEST IN YOUR BONES-Interactive session by Orthopaedics Dept. Health Camp for ESI women beneficiaries on Bone Mass Density Determination in Gynae OPD of ESIC Hospital Okhla as part of ESIC Fortnight on 21.02.2019, Health Camp for Determination of Haemoglobin for ESI Women Beneficiaries in Gynae OPD of ESIC Hospital Okhla as part of ESIC Fortnight on 21.02.2019, Public lecture on Radiation Hazards at ESIC Hospital, Okhla as part of ESIC fortnight 21.2.2019, एसिक पखवाड़ा के उपलक्ष्य में दिनांक 20.02.2019 को कर्मचारी राज्य बीमा निगम अस्पताल, ओखला में रोग प्रतिरक्षण और स्तनपान पर सार्वजनिक व्याख्यान का आयोजन Public lecture on immunization and breastfeeding as part of ESIC fortnight at ESIC Hospital, Okhla on 20.2.2019, एसिक पखवाड़ा के उपलक्ष्य में दिनांक 19.02.2019 को कर्मचारी राज्य बीमा निगम अस्पताल, ओखला में स्वाइन फ्लू और पोष्टिक आहार विषय पर सार्वजनिक व्याख्यान का आयोजन Public lecture on Swine flue and Healthy Nutrition as part of ESIC Fort night at ESIC hospital, Okhla on 19.02.2019, Public Lecture on Female Contraception & Family Planning as part of ESIC Fortnight at ESIC Hospital, Okhla on 18.02.2019, Public Lecture on Common Eye Diseases and Preventive Eye Care as part of ESIC Fortnight at ESIC Hospital Okhla on 15.02.2019. Shailesh Choudhary specialist Paediatrics in Paediatrics OPD. Pratima Dave, on 08/08/2016. रमेश चन्द, विशेषज्ञ चमड़ी विभाग द्वारा ध्वजारोहण किया गया।. Public Lecture on Oral/Dental Hygiene and “Say No to Tobacco” at ESIC Hospital, Okhla on 09.05.2019 as part of Swachhta Pakhwada 2019. PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION OF RESUSCITATION BY Dr.Deepika, FEB. 15,2019 3. एस. इस सुअवसर पर माननीय मंत्री महोदय द्वारा स्वच्छता शपथ दिलाई गई और स्वच्छता के प्रति सजग किया गया | इस अवसर पर अच्छे हाथ स्वच्छता अभ्यास का प्रदर्शन और सामान्य व जैव चिकित्सा अपशिष्ट के अलगाव व प्रबंधन का प्रदर्शन भी किया गया | मंत्री महोदय और अधिकारियों द्वारा वृक्षारोपण भी किया गया |, Independence Day Celebration at ESI Hospital sector 15 Rohini, कर्मचारी राज्य बीमा निगम अस्पताल, ओखला में स्वतंत्रता दिवस समारोह मनाया गया । "Ministry/Department" ड्रॉपडाउन में ESIC चयन करें, 4. ESIC MODEL HOSPITAL, GURUGRAM, HARYANA conducted a Health Check up Camp on 17-May-17 at Roop Rubber Mills Ltd. ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar, Indore- World Hypertension Day awareness program celebrated on 17/05/17.An interactive talk on the reasons,symptoms,prevention and cure of Hypertension.Pamphlets distributed containing information regarding dietary and other measures for reducing high blood pressure. ईएसआई मॉडल अस्पताल औद्योगिक क्षेत्र 2, राम दरबार चंडीगढ़ में हिमोग्लोबिन जांच शिविर आज चिकित्सा अधीक्षक डॉक्टर श्रीमती संगीता माथुर की अध्यक्षता में आयोजित किया गया। मेडिसन विभाग द्वारा 125 से अधिक लोगों की जांच में लगभग एक तिहाई महिलाओं में खून की कमी पाई गई जिसके लिए उनको आहार में बदलाव के लिए जागरुक किया गया व दवाइयों का वितरण किया गया।, ई.एस.आई.सी. UPDATED LIST OF EMPANELLED HOSPITALS /DIAGNOSTIC CENTRES(SST) FOR ESIC HOSPITAL &ODC(EZ) DIAMOND HARBOUR ROAD, JOKA, KOLKATA-700104, LIST OF NABH/NABL AND NON NABH/NABL TIE UP HOSPITALS OF ESIC MODEL HOSPITAL GURGAON. NUTRITION WEEK On the occasion of ESIC fortnight celebration ESIC MHB organized medical camp at Deshma industry Kathwada on 19/02/2018, The Gynaecology department has conducted various programs like antenatal counselling paps smear garbh sanskar diet in pregnancy and neonatal care during ESIC fortnight, The gynaecology department has conducted various programs like antenatal counselling paps smear garbh sanskar diet in pregnancy and neonatal care during ESIC fortnight, On the occasion of ESIC Fortnight celebration Eye department ESIC MHB Organized various program like Eye Came at Kathwada,Refractive error correction Camp and Awareness camp for ocular hygiene and post operative care. (श्रीमती) संगीता माथुर, चिकित्सा अधीक्षक द्वारा की गई। समारोह में डॉ. Medical Health Camp organized by hospital staff at Dental Hydraulics Pvt. Thematic Cleanliness drive at ESIC Model hospital, Baddi from 1 - 15 Oct 2016, National Ayurvedic day ( Dhanwantri Jayanti). २०१८ तक अस्पताल मैं आयोजित की गयी l, अस्पताल मैं क्रिस्मस दिवस दिनांक २५. According to the scheme the corporation provides insurance to those employees who are earning very less income. They are requested to present at the allotted time only. World Blood Donation Day at ESIC Model Hospital Cum ODC & PGIMSR Andheri (E), Mumbai. Model Hospital Chandigarh on 20-09-2019. Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre, Nandanagar, Indore- National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week was celebrated from 17th to 23rd July 2017 by Pathology Department. "Public Lecture & Nukkad Natak by Hospital Staff on World AIDS Day at ESIC Hospital, Okhla on 01.12.2018". Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Medical Health Camp conducted by hospital staff at M/s Kamal CED Solutions Pvt ltd, Manesar. क.रा. Public Lecture on Importance of Immunization in Kids During World Immunization Week at ESI Hospital, Okhla on 29th April 2017, Public Lecture on Adult Immunization During World Immunization Week at ESI Hospital, Okhla on 29th April 2017, World Malaria Day celebrated in ESIC Hospital Manesar on dated 25 April 2017. Follow ESIC Directory with our Blog, Linkediin,Facebook and Twitter for information about ESIC's and business news. Women's Day Celebrated in this Hospital on dated 08 March 2019. ANTI DRUG AWARENESS VIDEO PRESENTATION. R. Gunasekaran as guest of honor under the leadership of Medical Superintendent Dr. (Mrs.) Sangeeta Mathur for E.S.I.C. ESIC MODEL HOSPITAL, CHANDIGARH CONFERRED WITH AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE UPTO 100 BEDS CATEGORY ESIC Headquarters and Offices. Yoga Camp- ESIC Model Hospital and OD Centre Nanda Nagar,Indore, Blood Donation cost you nothing but it will save a precious life of someone/ or Blood Donation is the best service to humankind – ESI Corporation observes World Blood Donor Day, ESIC gets award for best autonomous body (Central Government) under ‘India Pride Awards’, Inauguration of 1st Day Care Centre at ESIC Dispensary, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi on 10.06.2016, 168th meeting of ESI Corporation and launching of new TV commercial/film on 12.02.2016, Only the ‘Swasth and Samridh’ workforce will make a ‘Samridh Rashtra’ says - Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister while inaugurating the newly constructed Building of ESIC Medical College & Hospital at Coimbatore and handing over it to the Govt.

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